Amazon Pre order help?

Hi all i pre orderd dead island a few days ago on amazon and the prediction says it will be deiliverd tommorow. Yet ive just checked the status and it says "Dispatching soon" does this mean it is now highly unlikely my dead island will be here tommorow as predicted? (and i have also payed for the most expensive delivery package with them so i expect it tommorow or i will be fuming)


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Unless you have recieved an email saying it WAS dispatched then it seems unlikely. But then again you have paid for highest posting so I'm asuming they'll get it there pretty quickly so there's a possibility. Wouldn't get your hopes up though.

Im tempted to cancel the order and just get it from town but when i click on cancel order it says its not guranteed to be cancelled. So what do i do lol

Do have a support line because that would probably be best. But it is one day from launch so I would have thought the game is mid way in the process of being dispatched and stuff? I'm not sure. It may just be the site not updating. But I'll look for a support line for you although if you have to pay for it I wouldn't bother.

Ok cheers mate your a massive help if you can find one.

This will lead you to the the bit where you can contact them. Just go Contact Us and go through the selections and you should hopefully get a number after it.

GAME are having big problems also. I dont even know why. Pre ordered 2 months ago and it still hasnt been dispatched and it comes out tomorrow!

If you pre-ordered then you have the advantage of getting the DLC arena thrown in and they should honour their "Lowest Pre-Order" price, meaning that you'll get it for the lowest price they offered between when you ordered and release date.


If you cancel and buy it yourself tomorrow you risk purchasing the game twice... but if you can afford to you may always return an unopenned copy for a full cash refund.


When I pre-ordered "Acrana Heart 3" the game arrived on release date Friday.


When I pre-ordered "Deus Ex" it arrived the day before release.


My Amazon order is the same status as yours.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I might just play "Warhammer: Space Marine" until mine arrives.


Hope that helps.



Is something up with royal mail or something? Because GAME have ditched them to use parcel force to try and get them all delivered tomorrow.

Im really angry! looks as though its not coming for release with the status "dispatched soon" (unless they havent updated the orders) but thats not the point i have payed extra to makesure i get it tommorow yet peoples who have payed nothing extra have had theirs dispatched WTF!!!

Same with me but with GAME. Surely those who pre ordered ages ago should get theirs dispatched first? First come first serve. But no someone who ordered last week has theirs dispatched. I rang up GAME they were like "Oh we will post it today and it will be done by special delivery with parcel force to come tomorrow". Still not dispatched.

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