Amazing feature: XBOX BING

Been playing lots of BF4 and Forza since I got my XB1, but decided to play with some other features tonight.  And I have to say I am amazed at how convenient "XBOX BING" is.  Voice recognition is fantastic and you can say a movie name, name of an actor, name of a TV show, or even something like "Dog Movies" or "Good Sci Fi Movies" and it brilliantly understands what you are asking for.  Then it lets you drill down into the choices or expand them further, and tells you exactly where you can find them playing (e.g., Netflix, VuDu, etc) as well as when and what channel they may be playing on TV soon.  You can even drill down to specific TV episodes that way.  Also integrates info about the movie/show and the rotten tomato ratings etc.

I did this manually on XB360 a bit as well but it was not nearly as good as on XB1, and the voice recognition is really well done and convenient.  This feature alone is worth buying the XB1 let alone the games.  I've got my Netflix, Amazon, RedBox, Vudu, and Movies apps installed and navigating to content is just brilliant.

If you haven't tried XBOX BING yet give it a go I was very pleasantly surprised...


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