Amazing experience playing X1!

             Well, i just got back home from the Area Xbox One tour. Let me tell you the online videos do not do any justice for this console. The games in person look unreal, Ryse is definitely the best looking game graphically and o my god Dead Rising is AMAZING. The FPS is great now, and the game its self is ridiculous. You can do anything in the game. any door opens, any store you can go in, any car that isnt destroyed you can drive, Mororcycles. There is literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of zombies on the screen. No lag what so ever, and when they say anything is a weapon they mean it lol. I do not want to make this super long but i played pretty much every game, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. O one more thing Killer Instinct is AMAZING i played that for about 45 minutes because the game is so smooth. The fighting is great, the controls are great the entire game is quite amazing.

               Let me go ahead and tell you a bit about the controller. Now this controller is what i call perfect it has the perfect weight that it doesnt feel cheap, and the quality feels really good. The joysticks are definitely a bit smaller but i found that to be an awesome upgrade, they joysticks have the rubber imprint on them and it is definitely something that is a great little feature your fingers wont ever lose the grip of the joysticks. The bumpers and triggers are AWESOME, omg the new trigger feedback is so cool playing Forza you literally feel everything its not overdose but you feel them vibrate and it gets heavier if you like go off road or something. I must say this was awesome the it really blew me away in every way possible.


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Did you get to play single player in Ryse, or MP in the arena? Also, I can't wait to get DR3, the only issue I had with 1 & 2 was the loading, and this doesn't have any loading right?

Great to hear, can't wait til mine release day! Did you spend any time messing with the interface or Kinect at all?

I'm going Saturday morning. All I really want to see is what the games look like in person tbh.

That sounds awesome, glad you had a good experience with it. Makes me even more pumped for November.

I played Ryse the game is actually really really good. The controls are awesome and man it is BRUTAL lol. Big guys running over, big pots of lava that explode it looks just purely great!  The interface wasnt showing much because they were in "beta mode" i guess they didnt want us to see the actual interface yet. Trust me this thing is amazing in everyway it really blew me away completely. The graphics are WAY better then what you would expect, DR3 was my favorite. I mean im talking MILLIONS of zombies lol everywhere you go, the vehicles control so good too. The zombies can jump your window and break it, then like grab the steering wheel trying to mess up your driving its so good!

You went from thousands to millions of zombies, I think you may be exaggerating a bit.

You don't lack adverbs though.

Glad I preordered a day one months ago. Thanks for confirming my choice of console! Glad you got to check it out!

i took videos Dark lol.. Trust me its literally everywhere you look there is zombies.

Glad to hear your positive mini preview/review of Ryse. I still haven't pre-ordered it yet, but will in the next couple of days.

Yes I've seen the videos, there aren't millions, maybe a thousand at most.

off-screen zombies will be sent to the heap, as OOP will basically scrap any off the screen, if you circle around the block for instance and come back I bet you wont find the same zombie you wanted to kill before.

Plus DR3 scales the quality of the image depending on what is going on, of course it'll be hard to tell at such high frame rates unless it's seriously noticeable and pop-ins occur.

I'm not over hyped about the console although I am buying it, I am a pessimist though and for the large point grumpy.

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