Am I the only one?

I might be out of line here but, I gotta say I'm completely upset by the launch of the xboxOne! there's not asingle game that I want to play that I can't play on the 360. Why is there no original launch titles? Ghosts is SSDD. Forza 5? what if I don't like racing games? SCREWED!... Dead Rising 3? Coulda been done on 360!...And the second one sucked. Sports games...They're all basically visually upgraded 360 games! Ryse is nothing more than a graphical showcase of cut scenes and repetitive gameplay. It's seriously rediculous that there is NO  original launch games and I'm getting worried about the future of console gaming as almost every game coming out is going to be released across both 360 and xbone. 


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Welcome to console launches.

Why did you buy it then?

I bought it with hopes that I would be playing next gen games, not 360 games with better graphics! Don't get me wrong, I know down thw line there will be great games b

Not worried at all, Titanfall, Mad Max, The Divide, the crew, minecraft one, futures bright just need some patience n hack the grind of a few months, launch days are always quiet, you need a solid no nonsense game you know will work, hence why most people pick the flagship franchises for launch day titles (tho sony left gran Turismo out, dunno why direct forza rival). But yeah i know what you mean its a bit dry haviing 5 games to chose from if they aint your cup of tea, probably been better of sticking to the 360 till more games came out if thats how you felt because i feel like the games look alot better than my 360, things are far smoother n crisper on fifa at least n bf looked better round my mates than on my 360 :/.

ps4 launch weren't much more inspiring either, could play Killzone thats a survival mode in disguise, looks stunning but gettting drop ship after drop of extra troops padding missions out to the point you'll want to claw your eyes out and Knack... the most frustrating ratchet and clank clone i have come across, feels like its for 8 year olds but they'd struggle to pass the tutorial, gaming machine thats best game at the mo is a free indie game

Tbh i am sick to the teeth of graphics being the peoples priority, spend so long on it that the majority of games gameplay effin sucks these days, i remember games would sap me for days and last weeks, now most games can be polished off in a few days, campaigns n stories are getting so lazy and cookie cut....

I find Dead Rising 3 rather fun but then again I did enjoy the first 2, Battlefield 4 is also a blast when it wants to work.

However, I do agree with Ryse though, Don't own the game but I have played it at a local GAME lock-in and wasn't that pleased with it.

XNA is going to be great

Agree with all you. I was jus sayin I'm not to thrilled with the launch titles... usually when a system launches there is next gen exclusives, n ot just ports of previous titles that look better. I've been with xbox since the beginning and know there is greatness soon to be had! I just wish it was sooner rather then later

Aside from better graphics, and more onscreen assets (360 couldn't dream of handling all the zombies in DR3) what exactly do you think "next gen" will bring? All these hardware upgrades allow for is improved visuals. Shooters you shoot people, hack and slash you hack and slash, and with the stronger hardware it looks better while you do it. Aside from Kinect motion/voice features that a lot of gamers are too lazy to embrace I wouldn't count on too much difference aside from visual improvements.


Third parties will continue to make 360 games because there is an install base to support it. They've been able to make and sell probably around 4,000,000 Xbox Ones/PS4's, there are 160,000,000 PS360's in circulation. Would you cut your potential customers by 156,000,000? Support for PS360 will fade as the install base of PS4/XB1 grows, but in the meantime I would wrap my mind around cross gen games. Ryse, Deep Down, Second Son, Quantom Break, Halo 5 etc. are all very good reasons to grab next gen. BF4 supporting 64 players on the new consoles isn't a bad reason either...

Next Gen is all about better graphics, better environments, hires textures,, better draw distance, better lighting, better partical effects, more on the screen at once, higher framerates at 720p and 1080p, faster CPU and GPU. They games will all remain the same types apart from the odd innovation. This is how it has been, this is how it is and this is how it will be. :)

I'm not suggesting they abandon the 360/ps3 im just sayin don't give me a game that is currently running on current gen and then port it over to next gen with upgraded visuals . I could care less if there is 100 more zombies on my screen if the game is just as boring as the last. I guess I'm pissed cause there is no originality in these games. We basically got threequels/cod 10 jammed down our throats when all I really wanted was a truly unique, something I haven't seen before game.

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