Am I missing something?

Last week I purchased an Xbox One in anticipation of Halo 5.  IMHO It's TERRIBLE!  I wish Microsoft would have been honest about the capabilities of this system. 

I have about two dozen apps I use on a regular basis.  Only two of these are available on Xbox One.  Okay, no big deal.  I can just go to the website using IE (OOP!, NO FLASH)

The two apps I do use (NETFLIX and ESPN) are available on my smart TV.  In fact, my smart TV has a much better selection of apps then Xbox One.  It doesn't make any sense for me to power-up my Xbox and run Netflix through it, when my TV can do it by itself.

So I thought to myself:  Surely I should be able to cast to my fancy new $350 brick, NOPE.  And don't even get me started on the user interface. SHAMEFULL

I purchased my Xbox to play Halo 5, so I'm not losing any sleep over the lack of other features.  I just really hate being lied to.

My shock comes from the amount of positive feedback I have been reading about this worthless device.  I'm certain there must be other features that I am not utilizing.  Can someone who has had a positive experience with this system please shine some light on what I missing? 

Is it just me or did Microsoft really drop the ball on this one?


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if you cant see how great the system is for yourself then maybe you should find a new hobby

What are you missing?

Maybe you should try playing some games on it?

Best thing to do is ask for things you think are missing.  If enough people want that feature MS might just put it in.  They have been pretty good for that.  For me this system is mostly for gaming with friends and family.  Easier compared to having all them on PC.  I would spend too much time helping them in that case.

OP is probably somebody who sat around watching everyone and their brother "rip into" MS for supporting/promoting non-gaming functions. Probably didn't speak out that they wanted something more than just a gaming rig. So MS took their licks, and changed course to appeal to those that shot down their all in one approach. Now, those that were silent are speaking up to complain about the lack of "non-gaming features"...go figure, MS can't win no matter what approach they pursue.

Burning, the device still has the non-gaming functions.  This issue with talking they way they were it was like the game system would focus mostly on the non-gaming aspects.  So they would have the apps they have that are non-gaming and that stuff would be the focus.  The major issue with that is that the vast majority of people already have devices that do these things.  The ability to play games in a solid way and ease of use is an important feature.

Also, nothing they were saying they planned to do cannot be done know.  Nothing.  They can still implement every single thing.  As for apps they can add more.  And I am absolutely positive they did not take away any apps they planned to launch.  Why would they?  Including those would not take away from anything else.  I feel had they kept the talk away from gaming we would have had this scenario:

1.  People would wonder what the device could do that other devices they have or could get could not.  They would see that most of the apps (if not all) where either on devices they already had or on other devices that where cheaper.

2.  They would see the PS4 could do these things and play games "better".  So then it becomes whether or not they could convince the general population they are a good alternative for a higher price (at launch) or similar price now.

The thing is here, at least with the non-core gamers I have talked with or heard talking, is they still view this as an all in one type device.  They ask "what this can do that other things cannot?".  What can this do that PS4 cannot?  The apps can be had most anywhere.  Highly unlikely they where going to have some app, unless it is a MS owned or new thing, that is not available elsewhere.  So where this device HAS to set itself apart is with the games and ease of use.  So, Halo 5-Sunset-Quantum-Scalebound-Gears-MoreNewIP,etc. have to be where MS differentiates from the competition.  They where not and are not going to do that with the apps/TV type things.

i fail to see how MS was dishonest, but anyways.

the dashboard is getting overhauled next month, lots of videos are out there if you're interested in seeing it for yourself, MS doesn't have much control over which content provider decides to code an app to work with the X1, complain to the content provider.

i only have about 4 apps that i use, Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO and Crunchyroll, other than that i play games and have a very positive experience, perhaps you should get one or two while you wait for Halo to release.

edit: Flash is one giant security flaw, no thanks.

Just out of curiosity what are these two dozen apps you want to use on a console?

I've had a positive experience with this system. I can stream movies and TV to the media player from my laptop and tablet, and the apps I use are like, uh, UFC TV with Fight Pass, Netflix etc. S'just entertainment apps or apps that complement games, like Uplay.

I can check achievement progress while playing, read friends' messages without interrupting my game for even a split second, DVR pointless game moments, and then delete the recording. lol

I can snap TV while playing, with my 360 plugged in, and I can play two games across two generations on one screen! {=|

But mostly. I can play games. The current UI is clunky without Kinect but once you get your Pins, pinned, you're a click or two away from whatever you wanna do. As far as letting you know what you're missing... it seems to me you're missing two dozen apps.

What are they? {=D

I think you. missed to. do some. research to. see. if all your favourite apps were. available on Xbox one.....

You. drop. the. ball.....

I find most of the apps and functions more useful than I ever did on the 360. The new preview UI is much better than the current UI though.

Welcome to the messed up xbox future, here you will receive sub standard HD games and APP's my three year old mobile phone can run. In answer to your question YES Microsoft dropped the ball big time.

However not to worry as they are well on with the next GAMES console and thankfully under the watchful eye of someone who knows about these matters.

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