Am I missing something?

Am I missing something?  Will Xbox One not have a large library of simple games to download for cheap i.e. on 360 I had a putt putt game and fruit ninja and these are games I played tirelessly with the kiddos.  I also downloaded a lot of "Arcade" games.  From what I can tell it seems that 95% of the games offered are the full games you can get at the store - speaking of which, why would I pay the full 59.99 price for a game I cannot subsequently turn in for credit when I'm done. 


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Did you buy a 360 on release day back in 05? There was no huge library of arcade games. All things come in time. As far as you buying a digital game over a physical game that is personal preference. I will buy digital games that I must have and never intend on trading in

There is some appeal to both digital and physical games. One thing that crosses my mind is that physical copies may hold their value better because there will be less of them out there. (Since all games will have a digital option this time around)

I didn't think about it like that - that makes a lot of sense.  I guess I was expecting XOne to have access to the same library as a starting point.  Thanks for the reply.  

The games aren't compatible for technical reasons, not just because Microsoft decided otherwise.

Yeah that would be nice but the hardware is not compatible so they had to start fresh. It will take six months to a year to build up a library of arcade and indie titles on the store. The pricing on games digitally is a bit absurd but like 24hrs said, if you don't like the format, don't get it. I am going all disc based until there are incentives for digital downloads.

Arcade and Indie games will come. They're being coded as we speak. Just takes a while.

I'm going all digital for games. I am sick and tired of discs getting lost or scratched into coasterhood.

I would like to go to digital only for my XB1, but that means that there really needs to be a demo for each game available in the store, at least until there is a system in place to allow for resell / trading of digital games. If I get a game and don't like it, I will trade it or sell it (right now, on disc at GameStop). That's rare, for me, but has happened. All the other games I hang onto, and I have a LOAD of discs in my cabinet near the 360 because of this. I do go back and revisit many of them again over time. The ability to quickly switch between games without removing / inserting discs is very attractive. So much so that if I didn't have to pay so much to do it, I'd sell / trade my disc-based Ghosts and BF4 in for digital copies now.

Dude the system just came out relax. I did the same thing with my 360 but I also recall not having a single game to play with them until like 3 years in. It won't be long for the games to start pouring in. Give its a few months it will start in spring.