Am i gonna get banned???

Im not sure if this is in the right section but i wanna know if this gamertag is a real moderator [GT Removed] - do not name and shame on the forums.   and he sent me a voice message saying he told me if he ran into me again, he was gonna ban me for 2 weeks.  The thing is that i have never boosted and i dont wanna get banned for no reason.  Can someone answer me???


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No, that Profile is not part of the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team. You should File a Complaint if they sent you a Message stating they were a MS Employee. The real XBL PET will Perna-Ban a Profile for someone who claims they are part of Enforcement when they are not.

All Xbox LIVE Employee's Profiles will have a Watermark designating them as an Employee. Just a fyi, "naming and shaming" or "calling out" is not allowed on the Forums.

Ok thanks   what do i file a complaint for?

Communications> Message> Text or Voice.

ok thanks  this can be closed now