Am I able to place the sensor at the base of my TV instead of on top?

I just want to know because my friends are saying on top of the TV but when you watch the video's most of the time it's on the stand with the TV, is it possible anyone please because the actual thing is ridiculous big and wont sit ontop of my flat screen tv, it's too risky and might fall and I don't want it to break, can anyone confirm please?


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I've seen setups with it at the base of the TV. But it can't be right next to any speakers, that messes up its microphone.

Yeah they make a flat panel TV mounting kit for it for like 20 bux, but it should be ok at the base, that's where mine is going for now.

I'm going to mount mine with heavy-duty velcro tape.

Ok thanks a lot thats a big relief because there's no way it can sit on top of my tv, and there's a hole for a screw but it means i have to drill a hole in my tv, plus they didnt supply any screws not that i can see in my box

I think the screw hole is for attaching it to the mount kit.

I havnet recieved mine yet, but i'm curious as well.... can't put it on top because it might fall, can't put it on the bottom because most flat screen speakers are on the bottom...don't know what to do.

A great idea for solving this problem is buy a camera tripod for about $25-$30.  With the adjustable legs you can place this behind the TV.  On mine I have 2 legs that rest on TV stand and 1 leg that rests on the floor.  Then mount the Kinect to it with Velcro, tape, etc.  I have been using this method with my 360 Kinect and it works great.

For this so called modern tech, you would think MS would supply sufficient mounting hardware?