Alright, enough already.

Every day I come in here hoping to see threads about new announcements or reveals pertaining to Xbox. Every day I'm greeted by threads talking about how Xbox One is a sinking ship, or underpowered, or maybe already finished, and other days just threads about how stupid or in denial anyone who likes Xbox One is. I want to make something quite clear:

Early impressions are that PS4 has the edge in terms of power, and that's fine. I'm sick of threads making this such a doom and gloom death sentence for Xbox. Xbox has the whole 'harder to program for' thing going on like the PS3 had, but I still say it will mature and devs will figure it out. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the games being released. They still look great, and still play well. When I'm playing Ghosts I'm not checking out the details anyway, I'm focused on trying to stay alert so I don't get shot.

People have twisted the res problems into an attack on the Xbox One's power, with some even calling it weaker than Xbox 360 which can handle higher res on certain titles. And now it's being pointed out that games like MGS GZ are only going to look a little better on next gen than last gen. That is if anything a testament to how ahead of it's time the Xbox 360 was. Having said that, I'd be surprised to see the next Halo or Gears on Xbox 360, and the awaited (by me) Battlefront game in 2015 is not even being developed with previous gen in mind supposedly.

But that's all stats and perspective. What I want to know is why, if you enjoy your PS4 so much, you feel the need to come in here and post nonsense topics just to try and agitate the people enjoying themselves. If you love the PS4 so much, then great for you! Live and let Live. No, that's not going to happen, because there are so many supremacists that feel the need to stir the pot when it needn't be. People trying to defend their purchase are being called liars, or are told they are in denial because they made the wrong purchase. Did we spend your money on our Xbox Ones? Why do you care what we like? Why is it such a cheap thrill for you?

The Xbox one is not without issue. I currently have a major problem with my digital FIFA 14 that causes it to crash often when I load it up, forcing me to access it while signed off then signing in on the start up screen in order to prevent the crash back to the dashboard. The other target of trolls seems to be the Kinect. It's not perfect. I get frustrated repeating myself sometimes, even screaming at it on one occasion (Which did no good because it hears you even less well when you rage at it) but for the most part it's fun to use to navigate. That's another thing that appeals to me about the Xbox One, and pushes the improvements over Xbox 360. I can multi-task on it. When games are loading I can go download things, or watch game clips. It's a joy, and I don't think people mention it enough.

In terms of sheer graphics and power, the PC blows both consoles out of the water, so I don't understand why Microsoft should even care about the res being lesser than their opposition. Their strength remains their superb online system. Xbox Live is still in my opinion the best place to play online, and that's what I like to play. Single player games don't interest me at all. I'm a very social gamer, and I love to hang out with people online when I game. With that in mind, Xbox Live is the best online service I've experienced for online play, and nothing has changed. Xbox Live is still awesome, and I think it will only get better.

Okay, I'm done, and I know it wont help at all, but it felt good to get it off my chest. I don't voice the opinion of every Xbox One owner, these are merely my own thoughts. 


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Nice read and very true

Fifa did the same thing for me I found a way around it

Go to arena player and change goal keeper and outfield player.the crashes will then stop it did for me

Thanks, and really? That seems like an odd fix doesn't it?

yep i saw it on the fifa forums.after every game my game would crash back to dashboard well UI

as soon as i changed the arena players like told it has stopped're assuming people have reason or logic behind their arguments on an otherwise anonymous thread. They are the same as justin bieber or Kim kardashion fans, and they WILL NOT be denied there attention. Starting a thread like this will only flame them up. Ignore em' and I guarantee they go back to the KK or Bieber threads...IMO.

if you can own both consoles then you get the best of both worlds, If both consoles stick around good for competition and its  a win win situation for all gamers.

Do you guys ever wake up some mornings and think "Wow, I really need to get a life.  Nah, I'm going to go the forum and defend the X1 yet another day."  ?

same saying as do sony trolls wake up and think am going to troll u wake up some mornings and say"I should get a life but...I'm gonna go to the xbox forums and post trash "...

It almost feels like you guys are fighting an invisible enemy.  I see very, very little PS4 trollage here.  There are people that have 360's that aren't yet sold on the X1.  Are these the "trolls" you speak of?  Maybe this is just an imagined threat.  

Your here so I guess so. I own both and dun really care but I love the sanctimonious  bs you guys have to say  and I like to challenge those that think they have some great knowledge when in truth u don't...

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