Already releasing a new bigger hard drive console this year??? Hmmm

This must be "National Rumor Week" in video gaming because all of a suden all of these "inside" claims are coming out with a new consoles have no disc drive and a bigger hard drive. I really hope M$ isn't that desperate to lower cost by excluding the HDD now to lower costs. As being an early "Day One" adopter, I would they would give us some kind of option for a bigger HDD if they happen to release a bigger drive on a new console less than a year from the first release.

It seems like alot of their "envison" has been getting molded and re-imagined alot lately...then again, this is probably alot of "hopefull rumors"


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Already multiple threads on this. Run a quick search before you post such big news else the forum soon gets cluttered. :)

Key word = RUMOR.....also, this RUMOR is for a larger HDD in November, not tomorrow