Alleged Xbox ‘Durango’ Development System Sold

So allegedly an Xbox 'Durango' Development Kit was sold over ebay for a total sum of $20,100 the other day. Do you believe it was the real thing? Do you think the sale will go through? what are your thoughts on the matter?




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It looks more like the back of a PC....LOL.

dev kits look like PCs usually.

I'll take the speed at which the thread I started in general games discussion got locked as a sign there is some credibility to this Ebay sale

I bid on it at $15,100 thinking it was a joke. Few minutes later I went to remove my bid and Ebay told me someone out bid me so I left it alone. I went to check and that person must have been messing around because they took their bid back and I was the highest bidder so I went and removed my bid. Not long after I guess he ended the auction early to someone who had 55 feedback I believe.