All threads over 6 months old should be locked

Tired of people reviving old threads usually without a good reason


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6 months ??

After an hour,threads should be locked ,it will give an excuse to all multiple threads creators....

BC,this....BC that....Windows 10 on PC blah blah blah....Windows 10 on PC steaming blah,blah....Preview invites....ect....

Necro thread happens time to time...At worst,twice a day (but rare)....And are usually locked quite quickly.

Multiple threads,it's mostly everyday....

I remember the old auto locked threads after two weeks of inactivity. I find it humorous that people complained about newcomers not using the search feature when I first stared using the forums. Now that people use the search feature people now complain about necro posting.

OP I agree, everyday there seems to be more and more. Its highly irritating

The real problem is search engines have better caches of older threads.  That's why it happens a large part of the time.   It's something that has been noted.   People who do it intentionally arise from time to time but we can handle them quickly if they're reported. Or if we're just browsing.

Keep them open.

They have good information.


If someone revives an 18 month "I Hates Microsoft For Forcing Digital Only" thread for the sake of trolling... have people report it and lock it down.


To be honest, it doesn't really bother me.

I agree with Digital.  Things like that just do not both me.  But I do laugh when I am about to respond to a thread that is 2 years old and someone has revived it with a random "me too" type of comment.