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My unit is garbage. No games install. Not after factory reset, not after modem reset, not while connected to modem, not while disconnected from modem. Once the game reaches 50 percent it says "ready" but when you select it, it doesn't open or continue to install. Also, select an app, such as blu-ray or skydrive (apps I was able to install) and it might open, OR, a completely different app may open instead. COD has had 14 hours of total install time so far with not one second of gameplay. This one is getting returned. I'm not putting another minute of work in to it after nearly 6 hours of personal time at the console and a total of 14 hours attempting to install. FYI, nothing is wrong with my wifi network. I have a premium package and all other internet devices work perfectly fine. Xbox is asking me to go above and beyond the "call of duty."

Nearly 700 dollars in and not one game played.


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