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Hi everyone, we've just moved house and our new bedroom has two floors and on the upper level I've established a mancave with the X1, PS4 and a shiny new smart TV. What I need is a quality headset (or headphones) that will work with all of them including just the TV so I don't disturb the GF. Is there such a thing? I'm happy to plug/unplug between systems and TV. Do I need something with an optical input? I'd prefer wireless but don't know where to start. Sorry for the noobness but I'm new in this area. Any help is greatly received, Thanks.


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Congrats on the mancave, you have succeeded where many others have failed. Respect

I have my Turtle Beach optical cable plugged into my t.v. Instead of the console , that way I can watch TV using the headset or play games , just turn TV volume down to zero when using them and bobs your uncle.

@Senses Fai1ed - I'd recommend a mancave any day, GF allowing of course ;-)

@dainja raas - Thanks, is it that easy? Will that method work with PS4 too?

The new Turtle Beach XO4 and XO7 released recently and they both work on X1 and PS4 (and mobile, 3DS etc) - although on PS4 I'm unsure how you will be able to change the volume as it's done via the headset adapter on X1.

The Sony Wireless 2.0 PS4 Headset will work with both PS4 and X1 also (although, you will need to buy the headset adapter seperately for the X1)

Oh and I can't edit, but the Xbox One Stereo Headset (official) should work with PS4 too. From what I hear it's actually really good for the price.

It was the sony's I was interested in initially so glad to hear they're an option. Not a bad price too so don't mind nabbing the X1 headset adapter. They look identical to the playstation gold wireless headset. Are they the same?

One more Q; Will they work with a standalone TV or will I need an optical adapter?

Thanks for the help.

Went in to my local granger games today to pick up a headset adaptor, but the guy couldn't sell me one as they're not released until tomorrow. Thats fair enough but even he thought it odd that he could sell me one bundled with the Turtle Beach's today. Anyway I've bought my headset (the Sonys, shhh!!) so hope to have some success with them tomorrow.

In mine they have been selling the official stereo headset since wednesday, but no sign of just the adapter

I need me a man cave... :(

So I finally got around to setting up these bad boys and I must say I'm really pleased with them. I first tried them with the X1 and the headset adapter and I had a few problems getting the volume to output correctly, but this might have been because I didn't bother reading the instructions and just jumped right in. However, after I set them up with the PS4 I was blown away by them. They sound amazing and once I plugged them back into the X1 they worked perfectly, although I don't know if the mic works as most of my xbox friends are still on 360 so haven't been able to try it.

Until I know the mic works on X1; which it probably does (feel free to add me so I can check) I can't recommend them entirely but as they stand at the moment I'm really happy with them and for £79.99 at Grainger Games they're a good price too.

Ps. they only output to stereo on X1 whereas it's 7.1 VSS on PS4 but as Im not an audiophile I don't really care. Oh and they work wirelessly with my mac too - perfect!

@CloudStrife - Get yourself a man cave, they're the future!

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