Alien Isolation dated for October 7th

Sega and The Creative Assembly have dated for Alien: Isolation for released on October 7.

The game has apparently been well received at this weekend's Rezzed show in Birmingham and that's where the release date was announced. 

Alien Isolation arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 PS4 and PC formats on the same day.


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I think I will try this out, but its not a day 1 buy. Ill wait for friend reviews to determine if its a day 2 buy.

@ 24hrs ...

I'm sort of the same. I really want to try it but something is telling me not to rush out day 1.

Probably not day 2 either for me lol, I'll wait a week or so after release and see what friends/family/forum folk are saying about it :-)

Well, for me I know for sure a couple of friends will have it day 1. So if they dig it Ill probably go out and get it the next day. Thats usually how I determine what games to get that I am not sure about. Thats how I dodged that Thief bullet.

If I have the money and there's no other game I want, I will probably buy it on release. Actually looking forward to this game, the idea behind it is promising.

Same here....I'm looking after it but until october,i will check previews,reviews,informations about it.

On paper it seems good so far.

I'm really looking forward to this. I love the Alien series, and despite all the drama, I LOVED Colonial Marines. Going into the game after reading all the criticism and with the mind set that it's going to suck really evolved the game and made me appreciate everything that went right. It was a blast and well worth the $5 I paid for it. Would've paid a lot more if I knew I would enjoy it as much as I did.

As my GT may suggest... I'm a fairly big Aliens fan... But... The last few offerings have left me a bit frustrated.

I'll most definitely be waiting for a week or three before picking this up, as I'm not interested in getting burned again.

I'm really hoping that this game will deliver a faithful Aliens experience... Cautiously optimistic.

I'm excited for the game, but not excited enough for a day one purchase. With single player only games I tend to wait for a big/medium price drop. 

As with any other game in this franchise, I'm taking a wait and see approach - it's served me well so far.

It's a day one buy for me.

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