Alice: Madness Returns First 15 Minutes Gameplay Video

This looks good twistedly good lol CLICK


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My copy was dispatched yesterday so should be here tomorrow, canne wait for it! From what iv seen all ready it should be good.

Mine should be here tomorrow also, loved the first one.

No one cares its already out in America so there are loads of vids

I've got to admit this game really interests me but I am using all my will power to stop buying it on release  

It's something I will get in a few weeks once it drops a little, but I fear it could be a marmite game and having never played the original I don't fancy gambling £40 on it.

I also read a comment earlier today from an American forum user who said although it is a great game it is also very frustrating. Apparently if you fail a part you are put back a good 30-45 mins playtime in some instances.

I still have my collectables from the first game CLICK MOI >

I'm getting it, BUT, ive heard its not as good as I was hoping.

Meant to be very repetitive and far too much ledge jumping.