Afterglow Universals and Xbox One

I have a pair of the Afterglow Universal wireless headsets that I bought earlier this year because they both will work with my PS3 and 360.  However, I am curious if I will be able to at least get sound out of these as to not disturb my wife at night with gaming sound effects while she is trying to sleep.  I know that the whole chat thing will not work with out the adapter but I am just interested to see if I can get sound through them.


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I'm going to assume not because it likely uses the AV connectors (red/white). The Xbox One doesn't have an AV port and only supports HDMI or Optical Toslink.

The Afterglow Wireless headphones DO WORK on the Xbox one.  If you use the HDMI port to hook your Xbox One up to the TV, you must use the "Audio Out" jack on your television.  The red and white audio jacks can unplug from the USB Afterglow transmitter by just pulling in the middle.  Hook that headphone jack into the "audio out" or "headphone" jack on your television.  Sound should play through your Afterglow headphones then.  Make sure no other wires are hooked to your Afterglow headphones.  

To recap, you will hook your USB transmitter (the blue glowing thingie with the red and white audio jack) into ANY USB port.  I have mine hooked to a laptop since it doesn't reach the USB port on the back of my Xbox One (you only need to get power to the transmitter).  Then, make sure your tranmitter is hooked to the TV.  Because the Xbox One uses HDMI, you must put the red and white AV connections  in the "Audio Out" jacks OR, just unplug the "red and white" AV connection extender, and hook the normal headphone jack directly into the "auido out" or "headphone" jack on your TV.

Awesome. I was able to get the gameplay through the headset. My question, if anyone has an answer, is there anyone to keep the  audio jack plugged in and be able to use the game chat as well? Ive watched a ton of videos where peoe have used their X1 headset that came with the system and ripped it apart and spliced it in with their 2.5mm audio cable. Im just curious if I were to do this if it would cause any feedback between the audio jack and the hacked headset.