Afterglow Headsets.

I have a pair of Afterglow wireless universals that I bought about 6 months before Xbox One came out.  I have seen a few people state that they have gotten them to work but my question is how?  I had to order an adapter with the red and white sound inputs to get it to work with my 360.  However, I know with Xbox One this is not an option as it does not support it.  Any thoughts or solution suggestions out there.  I have ordered one of the new TB headsets releasing in February but am just trying to keep the peace with my wife in my household until then as she works days and I work nights.


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Like they've gotten the sound to work? Maybe they have an audio jack for sound output on their tvs. That's what I'm doing with mine.

I tried that, but it did not work.  I tried hooking the wireless receiver to both the Xbox One and the TV itself and neither worked.  They still work with my PS3 though so I am at a loss.

The Afterglow Wireless headphones DO WORK on the Xbox one.  If you use the HDMI port to hook your Xbox One up to the TV, you must use the "Audio Out" jack on your television.  The red and white audio jacks can unplug from the USB Afterglow transmitter by just pulling in the middle.  Hook that headphone jack into the "audio out" or "headphone" jack on your television.  Sound should play through your Afterglow headphones then.  Make sure no other wires are hooked to your Afterglow headphones.  

To recap, you will hook your USB transmitter (the blue glowing thingie with the red and white audio jack) into ANY USB port.  I have mine hooked to a laptop since it doesn't reach the USB port on the back of my Xbox One (you only need to get power to the transmitter).  Then, make sure your tranmitter is hooked to the TV.  Because the Xbox One uses HDMI, you must put the red and white AV connections  in the "Audio Out" jacks OR, just unplug the "red and white" AV connection extender, and hook the normal headphone jack directly into the "auido out" or "headphone" jack on your TV.  

All you do is use an adapter if you don't have a reciever to convert the coax cable to rca.  The coax cable plugs into this little box and on the other end of that little box are one red and one white hole to plug rca cables out of the little box to the TV while using the red and white plugs from the afterglow headset.

It's the hdmi setup described in the box. Go to eBay and buy the little adapter for $12-$30 or pick one up at an electronics store.  It's called a digital to analog audio adapter.  This I'll only produce stereo sound.  

I paid $45 to get a 24bit/192kHz version

If you want to chat via the headset this is where the eBay trade in service adapters are being produced but make sure your cable fits the plug they are producing as there are two sizes depending upon the type of headset adapter.  

The xbox 360 plug is a lot smaller than the aux cable that is widely used for headphones etc.

I listen and control voice / game columns on the xbox one with the headset controls.

I chat using the Kinect which no one can tell unless you about or have the TV turned up which is kinda odd if u have on headphones as the TV should be silent.

Im not really worried about it anymore.  I have preordered a pair of the Titanfall Earforce Atlas Headsets and will continue to use the After glows with my PS3 and PS4 when I get it.

Hey, I see you guys are talking about the wireless headset. I have the wired version. My samsung (as far as I can tell) HDTV doesn't have the audio out jack. The wires on the headset are the USB and 3.5 mm jack. Would I be able to use the stereo headset adapter for the controller? (I'm trying to think ahead because I still don't have a one yet)


The stereo adapter will play music and chat when plugged in, but the USB transmitter will only work if the wires are setup.

I have an afterglow headset built for use with the xbox 360 and all I do is plug in the 3.5 cable to the stereo adapter.  There is no need to even turn on the headset as chat and sound both work just fine.

I wouldn't worry too much about the USB part unless you want better than stereo sound.

I have no problem getting sound through and voice through my AfterGlow Headset, what I would like to know, is if I need to have some kind of adaptor to be able to speak back through it. Right now, I have no way to test it, as all my friends are still on the 360, but I have some that are about to get the One and would like to have it ready when they do. Any information on this would be wonderful, thanks!

Start a party on your own and if you see the little purple circle beside your name illuminate when you talk then your good to go :)

If your television has a stereo headphones port, you can plug your Afterglow directly into it.  I'm not sure if using the chat function is an option, but they will work for sound.  

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