After 3 months of owning X1 I am extremely happy I got one.

After a terrible reveal and horrible E3 I bought into the hype and got both consoles to hedge my bets. End of the day I'm glad I got both but for different reasons.

X1 has delivered with great games at launch and a next gen feel with things like face recognition, suspend (proper suspend including after start up) and multitasking. I play it almost daily and have so many games coming I'm looking forward to that I can't see that changing. Helps that 99% of my 360 friends got one too. 

I got my PS4 in early Jan and while it was a great console hardware wise, it didn't grab me with its content. I'm glad I got one but mainly because I'm more confident in my choice of supporting X1 and because I made a profit from selling it :-) 

Great games will come for it, just not ones I personally have interest in (other than uncharted).

Anyway we as gamers are very lucky to have such great choices in hardware which will only get better over the years. Time to celebrate the games and respect the decisions of others, not hate and berate.

If you celebrate the failings of others you really need to ask yourself why you game in the first place. Obviously its not for the love of it...


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I finally made the plunge and ordered two X1s today. The only problem is they will arrive the same day Tales of Symphonia HD comes out. Having to choose between Killer Instinct and one of my favorite games from my youth will be difficult.

Sounds tough but isn't it great to have lots of games to look forward to? :-)

Wow... I don't think I could possibly agree more.

Sure is. That's why I don't understand all the negativity within the gaming community.

Yep people just need to enjoy the games and realise their choices will very probably be different to others. Diversity in hardware as well as software is a good thing.

i want both consoles to succeed, i want the competition to be there, monopoly is never a good thing.

but with X1 falling short on graphics i am not sure how much it will stay standing

And yet here we are. Perhaps there is more at play than meets the eye if you'll excuse the pun.

I love my Xbox one, I have both new consoles and find myself on the Xbox one much more. I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. I don't care about the whole 1080p thing I grew up with Atari 2600, to me game play matters more than the whole 720 -1080 debate that never seems to end. Just enjoy your console of choice and game on!

I feel the "resolution issue' is typical fear mongering. People just get all worked up over a non issue. I am overly impressed with my X1, both game play wise and TV wise. Blu rays look great, my cable picture looks great. I have my 360 hooked up to the same Tv as my X1. When I compare Netflix movies, both me and my wife agree that the picture quality is better on my X1 (I did check just to satisfy my curiosity).


Overall I to am very happy and satisfied with my X1 purchase!

you have both this is good for you man, but if someone can't have both and ended up with the X1 based on MS promises to see it coming short, then expect a lot over the subject of resolution, MS should as well  expect a lot of angry customers, and i certainly understand it

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