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I put a lot of albums on my usb stick to play when I'm playing certain games on the Xbox, sometimes the albums load very quickly other times they take an age to load, anyone know why and is there anything I can do to fix it.



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usb sticks are pretty slow, I like to load it onto the xbox hard drive first, or even stream it from your computer.

Yeah maybe putting it on the hard drive will be better. Dunno bout streaming it as that might affecting the lag in my gaming.

Crap that you can only rip music from a cd to the hard drive, how much does internet does it take for streaming?

[quote user="NUFC IX"]Crap that you can only rip music from a cd to the hard drive, how much does internet does it take for streaming?[/quote]

You don't need internet, only a network which connects the xbox to the PC. You won't get any added lag from streaming, I do it all the time.

The streaming comes off your LAN bandwidth, not your internet, and it takes almost nothing to stream audio, even dialup used to be able to do it. And thats the most annoying part about the xbox vs ps3 is I have to burn to a cd-rw or dvd-rw, rip the music, instead of just copying the mp3's. Just grab a re-writable disc and use over and over. Some games with already low framerate may suffer with you running extra music in the background though.

If you want to keep songs on the USB stick if they are compressed in the .WMA audio format the 360 will almost instantly read the songs meta data. .Mp3 .aac and other formats always seem to take longer to read on the 360 for some reason. Just need to re-encode the songs which might take awhile depending on which program you use and how powerful your PC is. AVSforums or Doom9 forums are a good place to ask about the latest and free encoding programs.


Running music in the background shouldn't ever slow your 360 down and if it does it's most likely a game specific problem.


Streaming won't effect your online performance since your router should easily handle the overhead added by streaming music. Normally the Local Area Network performance is easily 10-100 times greater than your internet connection.