Advice needed on buying first Xbox 360 and games

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I hope you can help! We've decided to buy our first Xbox360 and need advice on which package to get. We live in the UK. We want Kinect. I want Child of Eden. She wants fitness games. Which package would be best for us? And can you recommend some must-have games/software that any true Xbox fan should have?

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I think you answered you own question..."We want Kinect."  Here is a list of consoles.  Sorry but the prices are in dollars.  As for games, seach the games list for the types YOU like. 

I would make sure to get the 250GB HDD. Otherwise you will probably end up buying one later. 4GB isn't much storage space. Especially if you install games to the HDD so they load quickly or download movies. Also think about game addons you want to download, they take up space.

Cheers Metal. Advice was appreciated. But two things have changed my mind and I've talked my partner out of buying one as well. Xbox price reductions incoming due to PS3 price reductions, so well worth waiting to see what the price settles at. And apart from Child of Eden I don't know of any other games I would want to play. So rather an expensive thing to buy just for that 1 game! I also have a PS3 so I can get the Zumba game for the missus and I think Child of Eden is coming or already out for PS3.

But thanks again. Will keep this account login for a future 720 purchase or if the price is right for 360 at some point.

the 720 iisnt coming anytime soon i still suggest you get a 360 cool games are about to come out for kinect like rise of nightmares and gunstringer it comes with fruit ninja free

i have  4gb at the moment..and its such a waste of time if your a hardcore month im upgrading to the 250gb with kinect package as i like to install my games and download more than 1 demo lol