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Just wondering who makes these choices.

Is it the devs or is it Sony/Microsoft?

I ask because in the 3 hours I've been home I've seen 4 adverts for AV Black Flag on the PS3 and PS4 but none for MS.

It seems odd unless Sony/Ubisoft noticed it wasn't selling much on Sony consoles.

Or are MS really that nonchalant that it will sell fine.... which it will.


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Yes I've seen that advertisement for blackflag too, doesn't even mention Xbox One, there's also PS4 adverts on tonight... when Microsoft were the ones originally using Twitch as their live stream service (still are) but funny now PS4 is advertising on there.

my assumption on things like this comes down to who is willing to pay more money to ubisoft. it would be interesting to see how beneficial something like this is with gamers. id like to think most are smart enough that they know the game is going to come out on all consoles.

It's part their advertising agency and part MS. No doubt Sony has purchased the media buy for those commercials and in exchange they can put their PS4 logo on the backend of the spot.

I believe that Ubisoft has been tied to PS for some time. They're in good position to have that relationship with AC4, Watchdogs and The Crew all coming in the next 12 months. But then you have to look at "The Division" I'm pretty sure they were showing that on the X1.

I'm sure that comes down to certain deals made by the different platform holders. Remember, AC4 has exclusive content for PS4, a deal Sony struck with Ubisoft. On the flip side, most CoD or Madden commercials have the Xbox logo at the end, along with exclusive content for X1.