Advantage and commentators.

On Fifa 09, how come when the ref calls advantage and lets play continue that he calls it back for a free kick after sometimes even when you still have possession.  This happens alot, and it's so annoying, he calls advantage, i'm clean through on goal and then just decides to stop the game.  


Have they fixed this on more recent Fifa's?  And what actually triggers it, because it doesn't happen all the time? 


Also does anyone else find Andy Gray bloody annoying, i hate listenin to this tosser chatting a load of crap while i'm playing, who's commentating in Fifa 12?  I find myself arguing with why the commentators are completely wrong about what  they  are saying.


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I agree. Op is very weird to be engaging in a heated dispute with AI controlled commentators.

All I can say is try the demo.  Fifa 12 is pretty impressive.  Andy Grey is no more, the commentators are Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. Since Mr Grey got sacked from Sky, I don't think he'll do any commentary in any Fifa game ever again.

EA have also revealed that FIFA 12 will feature a second commentary team featuring Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend and over 10,000 lines of commentary.

I find he stops it for a free kick when the advantage goes to the other teams player