Adding Spotify App to XboxOne (Music)

For those that like to listen to music while playing games, Spotify would be an amazing app to see happen on the XboxOne for those music listeners.


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I guess microsoft will (unfortunately as always with innovations) mess up their App market. Perhaps, they will close the market for innovaive apps and ideas to make more money with i.e. xbox music. Even now, after releasing the xbox, they have no plan how they will treat the app market. It's unprofessional and ineffective and will lead in loosing their leading position. I wonder that microsoft is still sucessful. I don't understand too why there don't exist an xbox "entertain" without gaming. I'm affraid microsoft has no plan what they can do with their indeed amazing xbox one.

Yeah, id love that! However I think it would force people away from xbox music so it wouldn't benefit them, so it is probably unlikely, I hope they do though!

Guess it depends on whether Microsoft is serious about becoming the solution to how people will watch TV in the future.  People want to be able to watch their cable, surf their websites, and stream, rent, or buy their movies and music from their service of choice, all from within one ecosystem on one device. And that's exactly what will happen, inevitably. If Microsoft is unwilling to create a free market on Xbox One for that to happen, it just means they are interested in the short game of hustling rentals and streaming subscriptions, and not in the long game of becoming that ecosystem and device(s). If they aren't interested, someone else will be, and Microsoft will find themselves out of the home entertainment business and back in solely the gaming console business.

NewEnglandPrep coudln't agree more. Greed is Microsoft problem. They have the tools to deliver what the consumer wants, but they choose not to. Eventually someone will, and they will try to fight back. But when that time comes they will suffer the same fate they are suffering right now on smartphones and tablets. Too little, too late.

Not sure how it works, but is it not a case of these companies to approach xbox and make a application to develop an app, obviously it would also apply to Xbox approaching various companies to apply apps, but ultimately would Xbox be able to deny Spotify from developing an app? Would it not be seen as monopolising, i know Microsoft can't get away with computers, but can they get away with it on the Xbox one?

At the moment developing Xbox apps for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 is not open to everyone. There is no developer program to develop apps like the developer programs available to develop games.

There is no app store program like Apple App store, Google Play or Windows 8 App Store.

When asked why there is no app store on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, their answer is always the same. They have some issues to solve first. That is PR talk.

The reason why there is no open app store on Xbox One is quite simple.

If you open your platform you gain the advantage of getting lots of content created by other companies.

But you also loose most of your right to control what can and can't be published.

If you deny competing apps from being published in your app store, regulators will come after you.

Check the monopoly cases against Microsoft in the end of the 90s.

So, in some cases companies decide not to open their platform, and in that way, they won't be seen as anti competitive.

So right now this is how apps come to Xbox.

Microsoft approaches strategic companies like Netflix or Verizon, Youtube  that can give them a content edge over the competition but that don't necessarily compete with their products.

As an example, Youtube from Google has such a large advantage over the competition, that competitors like Microsoft prefer to have them on board than to fight a lost battle. But the music streaming arena is a lot more competitive. No one has a huge lead.

So that means Xbox Music has a chance to become a leader in the market.

We will only see an app store on Xbox when Microsoft feels there is a risk of loosing the living room advantage.

The business suits at Microsoft believe that there is no point in giving consumers more options while their position is secure.

Xbox music is nowhere near as user friendly as Spotify is.  The problem has already been mentioned here though.  Microsoft is not going to allow Spotify to introduce an app for Xbox One because it will pull away from their revenue from Xbox Music.  If Xbox Music was able to create playlists and explore new music easier, it might not be such a flop by Microsoft once again.

At some point Spotify will make a web player that doesn't require Adobe Flash.  So, you'll be able to bring it up in the browser and pin it to your start screen.  You can do that with Pandora now, and it works great.

I wish Spotify was available in Canada!

Due to all of the talk with Spotify, I decided to check it out since I've never used it before - I have to say, it's quite nice. Thanks... :)

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