Adapter for 360 headsets to xbox 1

I have a pair or Tritton warheads and I heard that Microsoft was maybe going to be coming out with an adapter? I know the warheads are wireless so was not sure if this was even going to be possible for what I have. If not what is everyone's thought on either the turtle beaches or Polk audio 4 shot's? I kind of have bigger ears lol so I want something that fits comfortably! I really hope they have something for the trittons best set I have owned.

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I have Turtle Beach XP500 that works great since I splice a extra cord from my Turtle Beach headset and a Xbox One Headset dongle very comfortable and I play for hours.  There isn't to many real details on the adapters , maybe there will be more details soon since the New Turtle Beach Headsets come out Feb 1st. I think they are wired to the controller thou ... Maybe you could try going to and try there for answers.

I use astro A-40's 2011 edition I use kinect for chat but the adaptor will be out between 31st jan-31st march

Is that for sure ghostz? I'm just curious if they've actually stated anything yet because I'm hanging to get an adapter. Can already get them on eBay from people who are making them but I want a proper one.

Well turtle beach said if u buy a headset from then before the 31st jean ur get the adaptor for free, so I assume yes but also ms said early 2014 so I'm guessing but I should think these r the dates

Coo mate. Can't wait to get my turtle beaches going again.

For me it would be nice if they would sell a controller with Bluetooth built in to connect to my turtle beach tango and xp500.  I hate the thought of plugging a dongle into an adapter.  Maybe they will sell a new Bluetooth dongle that connects to my headets,  though but they keep calling it an adapter.  Once I got used to wireless chat and headphones that connected to my phone with out wires at the same time I got hooked.  I cant go back to using wires, the cheap headsets that I got with my X1's are still in box

Hey ppl regards to headsets I have Razer USB is their a way can use them on my 360?