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I am downloading a digital copy of a game and it is going to take a while. If I watch Netflix on my xbox while it downloads, does it slow down the download?


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I'm not 100% sure on this, but I would assume it would slow down, because some of that bandwidth is now going to Netflix.  Anyways, I'm posting this 4 hours after you created the thread, so I'm sure it's a moot point now.

Actually I think the download stops if you start doing anything else that requires the internet, like playing multiplayer online or using Netflix. Seems to be my experience anyway.

^^  That may be the case with the Xbox 360, but I'm pretty sure it keeps downloading if you're on the One.

Yeah it does,only last night I was downloading something while using Netflix.

It will slow the download a little,obviously it depends on your download speed as to how much.

If I were you I would just download the game and not anything else till it's done.

that's what I do just so the download doesn't get messed up somehow. I just switch it to the tv and watch Gilligans Island till it's done.