achivement score change

after not being able to sign in last night  i looked at my profile and my achivement scores are not reading the same as the ones on my achivement  page anyone had the same happen to them


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Happened to me a couple of times,usually just sorts itself out so i wouldn't worry.

@Daft Badger Sorry for Off topic but what is that sword icon below your card, its not on the list I looked at and its bugging me :-)

@Jedi hope it sorts itself out for you.

Yeah this has happened to me too. Like Daft says, it will correct itself. Usually within 24 hours.

@ Dr Slaphead,check your pm's mate :-)


My achivement scores still have not returned to normal yet one example is when you look under recent activity my titanfall score is 100% when it is only 67% it is doing this for all games i recently play any ideas please


Funny enough a mate of mine said the other day that my Forza 5 said I had done 100%, I haven't, when I checked his achievements a few of his games were at 100% which shouldn't of been.

I think it's just a little bug because I can check an hour or so later and it goes back to what it should be, check again the next day and 100% again lol

It's a bug.Mine are the same.Says i have 100% on some games when i haven't.

Yeah I was saying elsewhere that this could do with being fixed. Apparently I completed Tomb Raider in just 1 minute :D

*holds up world record*