Achievements -_-

I have tried and tried to like achievements for 2 years now. I don't like it. Why can't we have a gamerscore based on leaderboards and wasted money, and wasted accidental achievements that are non deletable. I plan to delete the games that I think suck. I am tired of wasting money that people don't play, and never play with me. I need to find games that doesn't require multiplayer. I am trying to play alone and without friends. If yu think you can be friend, my tag is QuietCollector ... back to the point at hand.

I have wasted over $100 for achievements, aka games, that are way too hard, way too complicated and easy, and no one plays. Like Turok (360). I am going back to my old roots. I thought about using XPLoder, until I found out two things, 1) Transfer Cable (XPloder); and 2) permament ban of xbox live gold. So I tried playing with so called friends that wanted me to buy games for achievement boosting (no against the rules), just a big waste. I don't cheat anymore, not since February '13. 

To make my point, why did they add this? When I played the ol' Duke Nukem: ZERO HOUR for the ol' 64, you had two options -- 1) Enter the cheats via button codes, or play through the entire game, sometimes forgetting you are obtaining the cheats. Whatever happened of just playing the darn game like they designed it be for? I guess those days are gone. Yes I have tried cheating just to get rid of those stupid achievements. Then it hit me this morning ... Why should I "achieve"? I'm just gonna play the game. My gameskills may suck, I just play games. My zone might say Underground. I plan to buy 800 pts so I can just change my tag to a random name through the suggestions.

Thank you for listening/reading.


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first off, Achievement Boosting is actually against either the XBL CoC or ToU. secondly, no one is making you get achievements, they are entirely optional and don't have any bearing on your ability to have fun playing the game. for instance I played MW2 for untold number of hours, yet I don't even think I have 500 GS in that game.

Achievement Boosting is not against the CoC or ToU. Achievement tampering is though.

[quote user="QuietCollector"]I have tried and tried to like achievements for 2 years now.[/quote]

Who is trying to make you enjoy them?

[quote user="QuietCollector"]I need to find games that doesn't require multiplayer. [/quote]

I manage quite well.

[quote user="QuietCollector"]I have wasted over $100 for achievements[/quote]

Thats your biggest problem,buying games for achievements only.

[quote user="QuietCollector"]I don't cheat anymore, not since February '13. [/quote]

I thought you had been trying for 2 years to get achievements,yet you only stopped cheating last month?


Looking at your game collection the vast majority of them you haven`t completed the campaigns on even the easiest levels.

Why not start there for easy achievements instead of considering cheating?


my account is 2 years old as well and i never play online,achievements are not as hard as you make them out to be.

Sounds like you've already figured things out for yourself.  Just play the games to have fun.  It does seem like you never did much in the trying department for the achievements though.  =D

So, what happened to this page/OP?  Earlier, he had an actual gamerpic with ~5,000 gamerscore.  Now, it's all blanked out, and while everyone else's gamertag is linked to, his goes to ???

still looks the same to me.

I clicked his gamer card and it says page not found.

The OP's change in GT on the Forums is simply an old and persisting Glitch. It occurs when someone changes their GT but has not yet returned to on the Forums.

The achievement system is great actually.  There really is nothing negative that can come from them, and on the positive side I like the idea that after I put down a game that I really enjoy like Halo 4 for example, I can go to the achievements list and find more reasons to keep playing it.

I know no one is making me, but having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I have to complete the game this way, and thus further conflicting my gaming. I still play them, I just want it out of the way. I hope when the 720 comes out, I will have an option to delete or disable achievements. Having OCD is a curse and a pain for life.

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