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I have a suggestion on how to make Achievements better. Add the ability to Rate Achievements. This will help Dev know what kind of Achievements people like/dislike what they come up with them. For Example Forza 5 Painting by Numbers (Earn 1,000 credits from the community using your paint jobs) and New Wallpaper (Get 50 Downloads across all of your shared photos.) Achievements were you had to wait for other to do something to get the Achievement need to die off. I had to go on forums to ask people to help me out. I think that if we were able to rate achievements some of them would go away.


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I like the achievements the way they are.


No need to rate them...Devs can already takes a look to which ones has been unlock the most....

nothing is going to change just add to

I dont want all easy Ach. i just want them add to be thing on my end not other.

I have no idea what you're trying to say

I don't want all easy Ach. i just want them Ach to be thing I need to do not other

I think a rating system could be abused or probably not even used.  I would see a lot of people just going thru and down rating every single achievement that they get.  It's like looking at the star ratings on 360 games on xbl.  Seems like every dang game I look at in there is 4 stars.  Very few are rated with fewer or more stars.