Achievements Missing From My Profile!

About 2 weeks ago I completed the game Doodle Jump for Kinect. Got all 12 achievements and the 400G. About 3 hours later I check my achievements and it says 10 achievements and 300G. My last 2 achievements disappeared. I know this exact same issue has happened to other people but I can't find any solutions to this problem. 

I have already done so many things to fix this. I have deleted my profile, cleared cache 3 times, restarted console, redownload profile and it still says the same thing. I don't think its ever going to fix itself. 

In the social section of the dashboard I click on achievements and it says Gamerscore: 247680/271905. It should say 247780. It does actually say 247780 when I look at my profile on my profile and on But in the social section my gamerscore is incorrect because of those 2 missing achievements in Doodle Jump.

This makes me extremely mad because those 2 achievements were pretty tough and took awhile to unlock. But now since they are missing, my profile says 300G/400G and achievements sites like can't scan those 2 achievements. 

Please someone give me a solution to this problem. I am a completionist and my Xbox and achievement sites say I don't have those 2 achievements because they disappeared for some reason.

If someone can help me fix this and it works so that my gamerscore total for the game goes to 400G where it should be I will seriously love you forever!  


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