Achievements locked again after not using account, and cannot unlock any more achievements?


I hope you can assist or re-route me into the right area. Chat reference number [Mod removed]. Xbox is the 360.
The issue that I am experiencing is that my account (Rave R4v3N) got its gamerscore "kind of" reset, and for some reason I cannot unlock any more achievements?


In the Past, I used to have around 80 000 gamerscore (I think? cant remember the exact number) over a number of years. I went on holidays back in february, and my family kept using the account for Netflix and mentioned it was fine.

Upon my return, my family said that the Netflix was playing up, and being slow. When I checked my account, it was all reset?

The weird part is, all my online stats are still there untouched. Upon playing a few games some achievements popped back (I dont know how exactly, as it happened while watching Netflix), but after a while they stopped popping, and then I found out that I cannot unlock any more achievements, and the account does not recognize some games:

Troubleshooting done:

I wanted to check the extent of the "reset", so I went to the games I have played online (and unlocked achievements online for in the past). Gears of war 1-2-3 still have my levels, online stats, wins / losses / etc. Call of duty MW2 still has the prestige levels, wins/losses. the same story with Halo 3-Reach.

Online, my profile is still the same, but for some reason even though I am lvl 50 in gears 2, achievement did not pop?

Due to the fact that the profile shows I have 0 achievements in GoW2, I deleted the history and tried to do act 1 to pop the achievement = played the entire chapter from new game, no achievement.

As per support, I Cleared cache of both the system and all storage devices plugged to the console and tested again = no achievement unlocked on a game there is no history of.

I deleted the profile and re - downloaded and performed the same test = deleted GoW2 gamerscore history as it was 0, played through a couple of chapters = no achievements unlocked.

Additionally I tried different games like Viva PiNata and Assassins creed = no achievements unlocked

I Have also tried another account, and the other accounts on my xbox work and pop achievements (one was a new account, one was an offline account = both popped achievements)

I have tried another Xbox, and the same thing happens in another xbox even when downloading the profile?

I am just wondering if there is any issues with my account, or if there is anything else I can do to get the achievements back?

Please advise of the next steps, or if there is any more things that I can try.

Thanks and regards,


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Sorry to hear it.  However, when a gamerscore reset is received there is no way to re-earn any achievement prior to the reset.  The only way to re-earn those achievements would be to create a brand new gamertag.

Any further questions you may have regarding the reset should be posed to the PET team at the following link.

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