Achievement problem!

Hi, when i check my achievements with a friend it always shows my overall gamerscore with 10G less? What has caused this? how do i solve it and how do i find out which achievement/s arn't being counted and why?



Thanks for your time.


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I had this what I did was checked my gs on Xbox agains my gs on ta and then I found the game so I looked at the achievements and found they were for plants Bf's zombies and I had earned them offline so I started the game up online and it fixed the problem

Thanks for your quick reply. So your saying that the achievements that are on the xbox will not show up on because i earnt them offline?

I can't even think of any games i played offline to narrow it down as i always connect to live automatically when i switch my 360 on!

Normally they do show but those ones for pvz didnt. There should be a way of viewing a full list of games played on ta and it'll say 10 of 20 there then look at the same game on Xbox and if it says 11 of 20 that's the one. Like I said I was missing them from pvz and started the game up and they soon showed up there.

Ahh cheers, i have just looked on TA and they are missing 30G of my score instead of just 10G, i did the update thing next to my tag but it still showed 30G less but it had my most recent achievements... well i will get looking through my list then.

Thanks again.


Edit... i just clicked on how many games i have played and it has shown my full GS now?

So how do i check which are missing now?

What for every game? I can't remember but I think my ta score matched as a whole but when looking at the games itself they didn't.

oh i see, so one or more of my games on 360 will be short achievement/s. Thanks i will get scanning through my games then.

Right this is wierd.... The game with missing achievements going by the list is Alan wake.

On TA i have 42 of the cheevos, but on my 360 looking at my list of games it says i have only 41 but when i click on the game to look at the achievements it says i have 42???

SO how do i fix this???

Delete your tag and then recover it, that should sort it out

Try the delete recover or like I said when it happened to me I started the game up and it sorted it. Try both of those see if it sorts it.

As above recover your profile and all will be good...

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