Achievement during this mornings mishap

before i found out about the whole gamerscore situation, i got an achievement in AC Brotherhood and it saved afterward. then i found out about the gamerscore thing. i re-downloaded my profile off the servers and everything was back to my original gamerscore. however on this site it still shows up as 20GS and says i have the achievement along with others but on my xbox, it shows me having 11,979 GS like i had before this whole thing. but the achievement i got this morning is not showing up. it would not be such an issue if it were an easy achievement to get. i went through one of the lairs of Romulus to find the shrine. after i did, i got the achievement "One Man Wrecking Crew". the game saved after i got it and exited the lair. the only problem is that when you get done in the lair you CANT get back in no matter what. so basically i re-downloaded my profile and got my stuff back with that achievement non-existant with NO way of getting it either back or to show up.

so my question is, will the system update sometime in the near future, or am i screwed out of an achievement and points that i will NEVER be able to get back?


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i was playing resident evil 5,i got 90G in gamerscore before i realised what was going on.

when the system was corrected the achievements were gone,but as i continued to play the next achievement i got popped up as 3 for 45G then again 3 for 45G,which was the ones i got earlier on.

maybe the next time you get an achievement on that game it may pop back up again.

that did it lol. as soon as i got another achievement, the other one showed up. thank you for the tip.

So is this whole mess sorted? If I play today, is there a chance I can be temporarily reset to 0?


I think they should do it again for April first.

I played today and had no problems so I guess it has been sorted.


My gamerscore and achievements were wiped out. I called customer service and all I had to do was delete my profile and retrieve it back. Everything was back to normal.

If you have any further issues, please see this post, and follow up in the Support forum as directed by Mister Fitzer. Thanks again.