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Hey guys sorry if i posted this on the wrong section but it's very important for me to know. About 2 weeks ago my house was burglarized and they took my 360, Ps3, and laptops. Luckily the guy left one 360 that he didn't find and dropped pretty much the only 360 controller that worked. Anyways yesterday i logged into my account and i see someone logged onto my brothers account which has an auto-login option on the 360 that was stolen. I called the detectives and told them and they are getting a warrant to find the IP that was on my brothers account on the stolen xbox 360 however one problem that i am afraid about is that due to the thief logging onto my brothers account i had to change the password and set different options so that they don't go on his account again, which involves going on the account. Will this tamper previous I.P Address that was on the account (not mines) or in simple terms if i logged in onto the account right after the guy logged off will they be able to track him down still?


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They should be able to track the console by the serial number.  But it's best to let the police know what you're doing anyway.  

Changing the password is a good idea but unless the account is being forced to log in at the console end it won't do anything.  Click the link below to remotely remove the passwords from the console and require it to log in.

It shouldnt tamper with the IP addresses that have been recorded with the Xbox. When they issue the subpoena to MS for the IP info, they will be able to find out the IP address the account has logged in from over a good amount of time. Just inform the dectective that you logged into the account to change info, and let them know the date and approximate time you did it. Which you rerally dont have to do, since that log in will match the vast majority of IP address log ins associated with the account.