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So I was just reading posts in that forum, and just got a big laugh out of one. Reason is, a player was complaining about thier gamerscore and having cheater put in thier bio w/e. Look at his avatar he is posting with, and guess what? It has yellow hands blue face and pink hair! I guess he got popped with that too after posting about his gamerscore lol. Which after reading through the posts in there makes one realize that either some players are dumb or they are just brazen to a point and act stupid/innocent. 

There is the Code of Conduct so no you can't play stupid about stuff you do that violates it. Some I can maybe understand as they are kids; kids listening to older players or their friends in the same age range encouraging them to do stupid stuff. Which is usually cheating or tampering. Then again at times I notice that some of the younger player's parents aren't exactly nice players themselves.

Either way it is no suprise at how many suspended/banned players act dumb as to the reason/s they got suspended/banned at all. Funny thing is that some of them actually will admit some of the things they did or are doing when they ask why was I suspended/banned lol.

Anyways have a great day.


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