Account recovery process is RIDICULOUS!!!

I understand the need for security and I understand the need to validate identity. What I don't understand, is why it takes 24-72 hrs to get your account unlocked if you accidentally locked yourself out? Even if you call into support, and give them pretty much every piece of information they need to know that you are who you say you are? Even when you tell them, you know what I remember the password I setup my account with 15 years ago now. Please unlock it so I can just log in again? 

The fact that I have to be escalated to a "special team" and then wait DAYS to have access to my account is preposterous!! If I lock myself out of any other account for any other product I can typically have access within 10 minutes. Either their online system provide you a way, or I can call in and talk to a person that can simply click a button to unlock my account. Which, btw, I know is all this "special team" will have to do.

Of course, when I presented my frustration and questioned support on the process, I got a varied amount of responses. This only adds to my frustration. The response I received was that it was "for your protection and a security measure that you have to wait that long". it is not.

The reason I have to wait DAYS is because your process and/or procedures are most likely broken. If you have a team that just sits there and reviews "locked out accounts" all day, then that means too many accounts are being locked to begin with and maybe there should be an automated system that can handle a few unique issues? OR - maybe not. But it should be settled with ONE phone call.

Sure, I know many of those are probably hacking attempts. But I bet 90% of hackers and bots trying to crack an account don't call into support, verify ALL of your personal information verbally, are asked to go dig out an old Xbox 360 that they haven't even turned on in over a year from their closet, are able to successfully log on to said Xbox and provide ALL of the information they need, and then are STILL asked to wait up to 72 hours for their account to be unlocked.

THAT is simply ridiculous. 

Long story short. I spent almost $600 on an Xbox One and turned it on and can't even log into my own account. No worries. All you have to do is wait up to THREE DAYS after waiting a year for this particular console to be available. Great. Thank you support. You rock! PS - that was a use of sarcasm 0_o



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Hey there, GuidedCoffee32! I can certainly understand the frustrations you are having with unlocking your account, however the processes are already set in how we go through the unlocking steps. Phone/chat agents do not have the ability to do this, but they will get you to the right people that are able to get you sorted out.

If you would like to voice your suggestion on changing those processes, you are more than welcome to post it up on the Feedback site. This is the best place to get your voice heard.

If you have any support issues with this situation that you would like to sort out, please post back so that we can look into it further. It seems like this issue is already being worked on, though. Please post up a new thread if you have any further issues that need to be looked into so we can work on that one individually. It also seems like you may only be an Xbox One consumer, so please post up any new issues you may be running into with your console over in our Xbox One Support forums. Thanks for understanding!

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