Account receipts from another user.

For over a year now I have been receiving billing emails from another user's account.  I have called on several occasions to deal with live technical support and have this issue dealt with to no avail.  At one point I was on a call with support for over 2 hours which resulted in eliminating the messages for a few weeks.  I have also spent hours in online chat with various Microsoft representatives with zero result.

Now I am pleading to the community.

A user has set his billing email address to my primary personal address (different than the email address associated with my Live account).  Every time he makes a purchase I receive his purchase receipt.  It is very aggravating to be receiving this unsolicited trash in my mailbox and Microsoft doesn't care enough to fix it.

The actions I've taken:

Aside from reporting this repeatedly and being dodged around by Microsoft staff, I have taken it unto myself to have the account blocked.  I started by using the password reset feature to hijack the offending account and employed the details there-in to report directly to Microsoft Support requesting that it be suspended until he alter the contact address.  I would have taken the opportunity to alter the email address at this point to a trash account, but that option was not available.

Several weeks later a new account was opened under (presumably) his wife's name.  This once again used my email address.  This same process was followed to lock him out once more.

Again several weeks went by and he managed to recover the original account somehow, resuming the emails once more.  Upon attempting a third trip through the same wringer I discovered that he was more selective with his account security and the hijacking attempt failed.

Since then I have been stuck receiving this person's garbage.  Microsoft doesn't care that I am able to collect personal information about another customer because they have neglected to change the email address.  They refuse to help me by contacting this customer to correct the issue.

The best part:  I do not currently, nor have I ever owned an XBox.  My live account exists only due to the requirements of several older "Games For Windows" products.

For the solution:

Simply adding a spam filter is not acceptable.  I do not wish for this individual to utilize my email account for any purpose.  Does anyone know of a way to reach someone higher (and more security conscious) within the support chain?  The front-liners I've spoken to refuse to push my problem upward no matter how insistent I may be.


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