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So today I was playing my Xbox one as normal with no problems at all. Then I get into a party with my friends and jump onto CoD but when I get on to multiplayer it gave me an error, so I tried a couple more times I even switched it to extinction to see if that'd fix it but it didn't help. So I turn my xbox off and turn it back on and sign into my account however it says that I don't have a gold membership although I remember last month being sent a reminder that my live would run out the 12 of December. So I put in the code that the xbox came with which is a 14 day free trial and it goes through and pops up, you can't renew your live because you still have gold so give your membership to a friend. This was weird since it said my gold had ran out so I turn my xbox off again and try connecting and it said the same thing. So I called customer support and I talked to an account helper, he couldn't even get into my live account even after using verify me. I'm really confused and need help. Thanks for your time and help!

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