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Hello, My name is Colby i have been a customer with you guys for over three years. Today i have been threatened that my account was going to be banned by another gamer. This scares me because i have just paid for 1 years worth of live and i dont have the money to do it twice. He has been harrasing me joing all of my partys through his and my friends. His gamertag is (mod edit) and mine is (mod edit). Im am worried that my account and or console will get banned for doing nothing wrong because he is bullieing me on xbox live. i am here to have fun not be banned for something i didnt do by this hacker.


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People with the power to ban you,xblpet,do not send threatening messages first they just do it.


Block and report anyone that threatens you on live.

Also please don't name and shame other users, even if they are causing you problems. Anyways, block, mute and report the person and move on, that's the best you can really do.