Account hacked

Last week my brother checked his emails to see a total of seven Receipts from Microsoft for points, games etc. My card was registered to the account and over £230 Was spent. Microsoft have told me tonight that they will not be refunding the money as the purchases were made from his console. This is impossible as the purchases were made at 2 in the morning, 4 in the morning - when he was in bed and during the day when he was at school. My house was empty. Nobody had access to the console. 

Has anyone herd of this before or can anybody offer any explanation for this?

I have disputed the outcome of the investigation but now cannot see micRoslyn refunding the money so it is causing a great deal of worry!


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Do you use the same email address or passwords on your E.A/origin account as you do on xbox live?

My tells me he doesn't? Tbh I don't even know what an origin account is! Although his xbox live under name and password is the same as his hotmail account.

Origin is E.A, when you play games like fifa 14 you sign up for one usually without realising it.

If you use the same password or email you are much more at risk of being hacked as their sites are very unsecure.

I suggest you change all your passwords.

How do we know it's you ??  :)    Your Brothers e-mail said your account was charged.........    Have a talk with your brother.     Or, check his game stats.....    

Indeed, change all passwords!!!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Id remove the credit card from the account asap. Whether it was your brother or not that made the purchases I still wouldn't have your card on his account. Heck personally I wouldn't even use a credit card for Xbox live to begin with. If your brother hasn't got a credit card tell him to get his own or go for the alternative a prepaid cash card. Tell him to change his password and email address associated with the account as well just to be on the safe side. If the purchases where traced and authorised on his console id be asking him questions.

If Microsoft have checked and stated the purchases were made on that console then they were made on that console, each console has a unique identifier and they will not refund unless the console was stolen and then used.