account hacked? HORRIBLE customer service... please help

my account was apparently... hacked? (not the one i'm posting from)

I was in the middle of a game, was randomly d/c from xbox live. When tried to reconnect, was told that my info had changed, had to recover gamertag. Did this, worked fine, when i re-opened the game, i was d/c from Live AGAIN and had to go through the same process.

When this happened for the third time, I went to my PC and attempted to sign into my account online. When i did, I realized that the gamertag had been changed and my account was now a free account instead of a paid GOLD account.

Called MS, got HORRIBLE customer service. The woman told me that despite me having the correct address and name, because somehow my secret question answer had been changed that she could give me no information. She kept telling me that my LIVE ID had been changed, but I am still able to use that live id/pw combination to log in, but, as stated, no longer have the same gamertag or paid subscription account.

MS told me that they had to  investigate the account, because I had been hacked. The woman was then saying that this should be clear to me since my LIVE ID/pw were not working, at which point i had to explain to her AGAIN that they were in fact working, but not providing me with the right gamertag/subscription. She then evaded me and told me that my LIVE ID had in fact been changed.

Are gamertags associated with Windows Live IDs only or are they free-flowing? As in, can my gamertag and subsciption be transferred from Windows Live ID to another? If so, that would explain a lot... but seems pretty far-fetched.

Any help would really be appreciated.


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like i said, then... explain to me how I lost my account.

they knew my windowslive ID and password. No other passwords have been compromised on my system, and no other accounts of mine have been hacked or tampered with.

i was not phished because i'm not stupid, and regardless, if i was, then i'd see more than just my xbox stuff being manipulated.

explain to me how this happened, then, please.

actually, genius, i wasn't phished or socially engineered. i thought i made that clear.

this was the only account of mine to be compromised, despite other accounts I have using the same email/pw combination.

my PC cannot be compromised for the exact same reason.

what kind of hacker would steal my email/pw combo and then only use it for xbox live?

don't be dense.

yeah, that was sort of the reason i made the original post in the first place. I didn't really understand how or why this happened. maybe you should of read that part of the thread.

VoterDC - Well yes, sharing information in any manner about what may be going on with your stolen account may lead to fixing this problem, and who really gives a crap, maye people are just curious in general.  Whats your best idea?  I was pretty surpised to find this site selling other peoples accounts, it should be exposed and in a perfect world be *shut down* so less incidents like this would happen, but, to each their own.  BTW, just because you post a sites link does not mean you are "advertising".. narrow minded there.

Because you didn't get hacked end of discussion.

So your best idea to warn people was to advertise the site in your post?

Be careful folks, my account got hacked last night, tried to buy 6000 points over and over and I am now in the hole some 60 bucks.  Change your passwords, this has happened allot over the last few days.  allot of people in this forum are talking about it :(Mod Removed - Links)

and  these people who are stealing your account info are selling your info on sites like

(Mod Removed - Links)

You can buy hundreds of compromised acounts on this site

it seems you are never safe anymore , hopefully microsoft can do something about this, pretty powerful company right???

So what made you a target to a so called hacker than say stepto or larry herb or even me. A hacker would not target your xbox live account because what would come of it. In your own words don't be dense.

Okay, to whoever wants to know about Xbox LIVE Account Security

I didn't get my account phished. I'm not an idiot, by any stretch of the word, and I know what to look for from phishers. I've never given my xbox live password to a soul, alive or website version, and my password literally was 8 random letters and 2 random numbers. Not guessable.

I DEFINITELY got hacked, not phished, and since it IS possible to swap gamertags from one LIVE ID to another, Microsoft makes it way too easy to get away with.

(by the way, i'm the original poster.)

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