My account got permanently banned and I do not understand why this happened. I was just playing CoD Bo2 and It signed me out of xbox live, so I tried to reconnect and it said that I was banned until 12/31/9999 and it said this in my email . So I called someone from Xbox and told him the reaons for getting banned and he even said I should not have got banned for this. I do want my account back because I have put so much work and time into this account and I really dont want to start over I have also spent a lot of money on my account and I still have live on it. It says account theft on it but the accounts that are on my account are all my friends that I talk to and still do talk to and they still use there account, I never have tried giving out information or tried getting money or information from people. The person from xbox I was talking to was Joseph and he told me to write a thread explaining everything also he never heard of one of the reasons I was banned. I just want to be contacted because I have put so much time and spent so much money on this account and I dont want to start over on everything because i still have items on my account. You can contact me at [Mod Removed]


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Support doesn't handle suspensions, nor do they know anything about them. You need to post in the suspension forums, that's the only place the Policy Enforcement Team will see your posts.

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Doesn't matter how much stuff you have linked to your account or live time you have left,you forfeit everything if your account is banned.