Account got hacked!

So my main account got hacked and they charged about $200 worth of points, so just got off the phone with a support guy and he got all this information form me, and saying this can take out to 3-4 weeks...

So has anyone got hacked and got all there money back?


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You will recieve your money back but you weren't hacked. You were phished or socially engineered. I would call your bank and have them decline those charges.

So how can the bank decline them charges? Wont Microsoft just charge me anyways till this is resolved and if i cancel this debit card what other way can they pay me back?

You were not hacked you were phished or socially engineered.

Banks take unauthorised payments seriously all you have to do is ring up your banks hotline or go to your local branch and truthly tell them your situation. By consumer law they are under obligation to investigate the issue and justify it as soon as they can.

I Suggest as soon as you get back your account you imediately change your windows live email, password and gamertag to something else and go prepaid for points and membership to keep your Credit or debit off your account, then your bank or credit details are safe :) I hope all is sorted soon for you...

But if  i cancel my debit card which was on the xbox, how will i be refunded?

the same crap happened to me Ia mstill waiting for msoft to contact me I opened an unauthorized access investigation.

I already went to the bank, had to file a dispute each transaction hopefully they get my money back faster, and just hope i get my account back before MW3 comes out

Did you give out your password at all for help for COD: Black Ops?

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Did you give out your password at all for help for COD: Black Ops?


What do you think?

No i did not give my password to anyone at all...

You are insured by Mastercard or Visa for these situations, well we are here in the UK, if you are in the US, check with your card issuer.

And change all your passwords, even the ones not related to XBL.