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Hello, good morning, my doubts are as follows:

I recently had my Microsoft account banned access to live, id obstehk therefore like to know, if I was banned, or if any account microsoft that I create with the same data as name, credit card, address, country and phone number, will be also banned, as the reasons of my old account be banned for me was not very clear, I'm afraid to play on another account microsoft live and lose all the games I purchased legally in another account.
That is, can create another account and play quietly? buy games, subscriptions, without fear?


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If your account is banned then you forfeit any downloaded games,remaining live time etc. as per the ToU you agreed to.

You can start a new account but if you break the rules with that account & are banned then the same applies.

Maybe read the ToU/CoC & stick to them then you have nothing to worry about.

I being ban even thou I didn't do anything can someone help me

Dear enforcement team

You have banned my account for no reason or giving me a warning I'm am very disappointed that y'all did to me. I thought you'll give a warning but nothing I really wanna talk to you guys by email or my phone a.s.a.p. please this isn't fair to everyone if banned without a warning. So please contact me

Y seven days n mot one wen it's my first time someone talk to me

You'll need to go to in order to see why you've been banned and to submit a case review.

Dear Enforcement Team,

I recently had a force gamer tag change. For reasons unknown. I've tried to use the to submit a case review.  Unfortunately I am unable to do so. I don't see any tabs to click to start a review. Is there any other way to submit one or get a hold of you.