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Ive been noticing when checking my account/game page that it shows that i was just on xbox live or actually playing a game when i havent even touched it in 12 hours ...


Is this normal or a glitch ,




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could be a glitch but i would change your passwords just to be sure no one is accessing it.

It may also be related to being on, that will update the last time you were online as if you were actually playing online on your console. But THEOWENKILLER is right, check your account to be sure.

Thanks for the link , if i change my password and someones already on it would it boot them off . Or just stop the next attempted hack ?

if you signed on your console with your account and someone was already on it,it should tell you that your account is already logged in on another console.


i would not only change your account password but also add a 4 digit passcode that must be entered on signing in.

Thanks Owen and Invoked for the info , good stuff .

I see what you mean by being on , ill keep an eye out for the online stuff from now on

Changed PW and some security info so should be all good ,

Thanks again :)

Didnt know you could add the 4 dig passcode , will look into that as well

As far as I know, the four digit code will only show up on your console. If someone has access to your account on another console, they won't see and have to enter the passcode.

Cool , will do that