Does anybody else think that there's very few accessories available for the Xbox One that perhaps should have been thought of ahead?

Personally, I'd like to see a wireless headset again as the 360 was actually quite good and I don't think I'm going to splash out on another Turtle Beach any time soon. A chat pad would have been nice too as again, the 360 one was really good and served it's purpose well. I'd also quite like to see some coloured controllers too. I never expected them on Day 1 but the red one was really nice and I think I clean white controller might be cool aswell.

Does anybody know anything about upcoming accessories coming? I had some great stuff last gen which unfortunately isn't forwards compatible and it would be a shame to be stuck with this crappy plastic headset and a controller for typing. 


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I am surprised.  No next gen headsets is the main reason I went back to my 360 for the time being.  I actually just bought a TB seven for the 360.  Should be arriving any day.

You're lucky in the sense that you got the TB Seven as it's forwards compatible when you get the cable. I just want an entry level set similar to the X12 or even just a Wireless headset remake.

Doubt they'll make 1 but I want a remote for the blu ray player

I made a spliced cable that uses the included headset (had to ruin it, but no big deal) and connects to my existing TB deltas....will work fine for a while, then I'll see how the upcoming adaptor works before deciding what to do in the future.

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Doubt they'll make 1 but I want a remote for the blu ray player


That's another thing I'd really like! Smartglass is great but it's my phone, I want to have my phone free and just have a standard remote to use for films.

I know it doesn't bother s lot of people but I'd pay an extra few quid to have that convenience.