Access my iMac photos / iTunes music on Xbox one?

Is there any way to do this? I am trying to eliminate components, eg my Apple TV, but I don't see any way to connect to my iMac. Thanks!

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I haven't found a way yet.  Kinda pissed. I used to use Connect360 to share all my movies/music/photos from my mac to my 360. Im surprised they did away with the media center option in the xbox. Perhaps in time they'll update some of their apps to restore some of those features.

In the meantime i've been thinking since i run the server version on my mac, i might see if theres something i can do web/streaming service related and then use explorer on the one to access locally.

here's one way


i personally stopped using connect360 a while ago, since my mac is a MBP, it has a tendency to ZZzzzZZ while closed and lock me out from my files. I bought a 2tb externalHD with eithernet hookup, plugged it into my router, and my One, 360, mac and pc all can get to it.  

but how can you use the external HD on Xbox one? i think the xbox one dosen´t support the media function (NAS).

I'm hoping some form of integration with all OS systems will be available soon. I will be extremely annoyed if MS screw us Apple fanboys over as part of their seamless Windows 8 integration that they're trying to force on to everyone. I won't go in to the reasons why they'll never do it as well as Apple.

Is Apple TV a hassle to use in the HDMI in slot?

Thats a nice set up.

man this sucks!

I wish they'd just include DLNA streaming on Xbox one - then you could stream from iTunes, a NAS media server, or whatever.

Yes, there is a simple way to do that. Set up Plex Media Server, and then transfer all your photos and music from computer to Xbox One, that works for me.