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Just saw a comparison video on of AC4 between the 360.ps3, wii u and the PS4...the wii u looked better then the 360 or ps3 but i really dont see the huge leap from the wii u to the PS4? go watch the video...the only thing i see is more weather effects and the water has some white lines on it for the PS4 other then that the character models and citys look the same for every console IMO...should of picked it up for current gen if i knew it was gonna look so damn similar...anyone else agree with me? Not saying its a bad thing because it shows you how far current gen has come but i just couldnt believe the micro diffrence between the wii u version and the PS4 version of the game.


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Because smart guy the X1 version isnt out yet...and i guess ign dont have it yet either...besides the game is gonna look the same for the X1 if not worse according to all the sony fan boys out there.

slight improved graphics and 1080 p what does it run at on xbox 360 xbox one unconfirmed

Why are you posting an AC4 comparison using comparisons from ALL of the consoles EXCEPT the Xbox One on an XBOX ONE forum? That makes no sense...

Did you look at the video on ign??? X1 isnt on it but do you really think it matters when the PS4 version is available?? doubt the X1 version will be better then the PS4 anyway..probably gonna be the same.