AC: Brotherhood ending *Spoilers*

I just finished AC: Brotherhood and the ending is quite confusing.

When Juno is speaking, she says the "The scales must be balanced". Does that mean that Lucy was good so she needed to be killed so that good and evil are balanced?

Or was she killed because she was a Templar? Also if you read the emails, it said the Rebecca was a Templar. :S

Ahhhh so confusing, someone clear this please, I don't want to wait until AC: Revelations to come out to find out.


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Google is your friend...but you really should just wait!

The best thing about Assassin's Creed is the way they tell the story in each can use Google and find sites where such things have been debated.

The ending laid out double meanings for a lot of characters. If you also unlocked the "truth" video then it hints to the says "she is not who you think she is" this is either based on Minerva, the alien woman who speaks directly to Desmond, or it could refer to Lucy who may have been a double agent for the Templars.

the forced execution might also have been the means to unlock the 6th Sense, Knowledge. In the Truth Video for ACII.....when you see Adam and Eve trying to escape the alien base, its Eve Carrying the Apple and is said that Eve gained knowledge from the by killing Lucy maybe this unlocks the 6th Sense ability Minerva talks about.

Minerva is the entity thats talking directly to Desmond in the ending to ACII...she seems to be more sympathetic to the human race and is aware that Ezio would not be able to comprehend her words so spoke to Desmond, in the future. In ACB ending its Juno, who seems to be more direct, not really caring that much for humanity hence the direct action of controlling Desmond to kill Lucy

I am Along the thoughts that Lucy is a traitor, a double agent for the Templars and that Juno via the orb could sense this so in helping Desmond achieve the 6th sense of Knowledge...used Lucy to activate it in Desmond. Go Back and watch the ending video again, listen to the words spoken by Juno and it will hint at the bigger picture...but you got to love the details in the story so far, best indepth Game Franchise in recent years

i believe lucy was meant to be killed, but, a sub concious desmond does what al mulriam (or whatevr hes called) did to altiar in AC1. thats how lucy will be brought into revelations. i could spend hours reading into theories about it, just like with LOST. its brill.!

I really need to replay Assassin Creed 2 and Brotherhood.

[quote user="EXPIRED Z0MBIE"]

I really need to replay Assassin Creed 2 and Brotherhood.

You really should, both are awesome games with great story lines.

There's supposed to be a degree of mystery left over. Ubi are promising that all (yeah, right!) will be explained until Revelations.

At the moment, we're left to nought but speculation. I've got way too many theories about the end floating around in my head :D

Thats the great thing about the Story element in Assassin's Creed

You have the conspiracy elements played out in the Gylpth puzzels, you have the Assassin Vs Templar war over the pieces of Eden over the centuries, you have Desmond and his past and link to the ancestors he relives via the Animus and you also have the whole "Those that came before" storyline which shows through via the temples with Minerva in ACII, Juno in ACB, each have their own style of communicating to and through Desmond, but the ending to ACB was quite a twist.

The truly best thing about the series, since the trilogy with that the next game will be the lead into AC III next year hopefully....maybe it will be time to see Desmond take the fight back to the Templars or even suggested by the Truth Videos in ACII and ACB...that Desmond could end up having a son, and maybe the story will job to the future via an ancestor of Desmond living through...its a story that can have literally no end as long as Ubisoft can keep producing the amazing games they have done, and unlike other franchises, they are genuinely learning and taking feed back from players and improving each game as they go along

One of the Premiere Game Series on any platform and a must have in anyone's collection, you can pick up all three current games in the series for less then £20, something I did last month and greath enjoyed playing through all of them back to back

Do we know that Lucy is really dead though?

Nope...can never be certain of anything in Video games but....its more then likely that she has died

She didn't die. Turns out that Assassin's Creed was Torchwood.

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