AC 4 social events on Xbox One

I checked the 360 game forums but not much in the way of X1 users so thought I'd post here. Of the friends I have on the One none play AC 4 or choose not to post locations on social or community events. (I.e. White whales, royal convoys, community chests etc...) thought id check and see here if anyone is playing AC4 on X1 and would like like to work together for these social events or on multiplayer. Feel free to add me if this is something you will be trying for, or just like making new friends. Raist33333. Thanx for reading. Cheers:)

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Heya m8,im at 92% complete sync I have to go back and do a stack of the optionals to finsh,I share everything,STANDARD.Il be finishing the multiple endings on dr3 today,and then will be back on ac4,ive put over 100 hours into the whole game now, and looking forward to starting freedom cry, so ya welcome to add,im a pirate in real life so AC4 is second nature,lol.


Il be more than happy to help out with any community/social events,big part of gaming in my eyes,no silent gamer here.

Ty @Saber. Message sent...

I am willing to help and will take help with the community events.  I sent both of you friend invites.